We continue to develop photovoltaic mounting systems with high reliability and low cost, and undertake the design, processing, production and OEM orders of photovoltaic system companies. With years of experience in aluminum profile processing and a strong R & D team, we not only provide customers with a single photovoltaic mounting product, but also provide customers with a full range of design and services for photovoltaic mounting systems. Not only can it be processed according to the customer's drawings, but also can be optimized according to the project requirements of the customer's design plan, to meet the load requirements of the project location to improve the cost performance of the photovoltaic support.       
The company strictly carries out quality control in accordance with ISO9001 international quality management system standards. It is Stanwic's goal to become a qualified and excellent photovoltaic bracket supplier and create value for customers. Our integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry.

Company strength: 10 years of experience in design and development of photovoltaic brackets, senior engineers produce personalized plan drawings and custom processing according to requirements.

Customer Service: Creating value for customers is our unremitting pursuit. We do our best to provide you with qualified and high-quality photovoltaic mounting solutions.

Design production process: 1. Customer requirements 2. Initial design  3. Calculate cost  4. Client feedback  5. Optimized design  6. Verification load  7. Scheme confirmation 8. Processing